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My Aim

My aim is to make you feel your body’s potential & the pleasure of training! To offer you an experience which you will enjoy and therefore you will want to come back, actually, you will be impatient to come back! This way you will commit to exercise without even noticing! You will benefit yourself in all possible ways: physically, mentally & psychologically! That’s because you will have fun and feel relaxed, calm and happy during your training!

The only thing YOU need to do, is to give it a try! Leave the rest to me!

My Journey

 Irene Pierrakou Fun N Fit Founder

             I have been working as a trainer for the last 15 years and as a Group Fitness instructor for the last 6 of them. During all these years I have designed and performed a great variety of classes and personal sessions to all fitness levels and all ages.

Since I relocated to the U.K. in 2016, I have delivered classes and personal sessions in 3 gyms (2 of them in Reading) and I have also started running my own classes around Didcot since September 2017. I have also been cooperating with the U.T.C. Oxfordshire Sports, offering my services as a karate teacher, Personal Trainer and Group Instructor, since November 2017.

If you want to know more about how I “came” here, keep reading.

I was a really active kid starting practicing ballet in the age of 5. I kept going with ballet for 8 years and also started playing volleyball participating in championships and practicing traditional Greek dance presenting shows at least twice a year, in the age of 9 and kept going for all my school years. Apart from these, I joined the Scouts in the age of 13 and stayed with them up to the age of 20, being a leader for the littles for the last 3 years.

Last but not least, in the age of 14 I started practicing traditional karate and I ended up teaching karate to kids and adults of all levels for 10 constant years!

Although I had always been in sports, I hadn’t considered sports, exercise or dance as a professional choice. To be honest, my dream was to become a ballerina but after I stopped ballet due to an injury, I didn’t think of sports as a profession again, for years. Therefore, I studied History & Archaeology as my other passions, apart from exercise, had always been Literature, History and Art History.

However, I kept practicing and teaching karate during all my student years. Furthermore, I attended several classes and dance seminars on a variety of dance styles: Latin, Jazz, ballet, contemporary, Contact, Hip-hop, Zumba.

When I graduated from the University (2006), I had so many clients from karate already, that I had very few time left to do any other job. I taught Greek Literature and History in private for a while but Karate was already dominating my professional life.

I was awarded with my 2nd dan in Traditional Karate in 2006 and I kept teaching karate to all levels, abilities and ages, in private and in groups until 2012!

It was then, in 2012, when I had the chance to organize and run a weekly trekking activity for my municipality and the ladies who participated in this activity asked me to organize fitness classes as well! So, I did! I designed total body workouts based on their needs and preferences and I turned out to deliver classes to 4 different groups of 20 ladies each! This was my entry to the gym-fitness world! This is when I realized that this is me!

My Classes

all classes will be customized to your personal needs and fitness level

Fit Dance

Dance, Body weight exercises-stretching. Cardio exercise combined with muscular strengthening! Express yourself, burn calories, scalp & tone your body and relax while enhancing your flexibility!!!We start with dancing -you don’t need to learn the steps, you just need to feel the music- then we go to body-weight & floor exercises and we finish with a relaxing, beneficial stretching!

Total Body Gold

Total body workout involving exercises of graded difficulty, suitable for all!!! We can also include some dancing for warm up if you wish! It Is your call!!! We can create the class you fancy together!!!


Personal Training

Bespoke workouts to address you own personal needs, according to your current fitness goals, general fitness level and preferences.

Free nutritional advice with your first block booking.

Free consultation session.

You can have your sessions either on your own home convenience or in another suitable space, such as some of the gyms I cooperate or a Village hall/ Community centre.

You can arrange your sessions according to your schedule so that you never miss a session and enjoy it to the maximum.

I can guarantee your sessions will be safe, challenging, interesting and fun, suitable for your personality, likes and dislikes.

You can try many different training styles and workouts and choose your favorites.


Small Group Personal Training

In case you work better with company or you can’t afford Personal Training, this is the best option for you.

Being part of a small group gives you the chance to have bespoke sessions while at the same time you socialise and share your efforts and achievements with your group mates. Plus: you share the cost!

The groups are formed according to the members general fitness level and goals.

Free nutritional advice with the first block booking.

Your sessions will be tailor made, safe, interesting, challenging and fun!

What makes Fun n Fit classes so special...  The people

I don’t want you to think of exercise as an obligation or a medicine. I don’t want you to think of the future effects of exercise to your body and total health. I just want you to give yourself a chance to experience the feeling after an intensive workout. I just want you to realize how great you could feel through training, from the very first minutes! I know from experience that no words can convince people to do something, better than the experience of doing it itself!

If you try and you turn up having a great time feeling active, socializing,having fun, sharing experiences & effort, discovering your own abilities -may be even talents that you were not aware of- then you will have felt the benefits yourself and there will be no need for me to convince you!!!

The benefits, the “results” that everybody is talking about, are there from the very first moment, you don’t need to wait to see them! The first results are the feelings of confidence, happiness, delight, satisfaction, power that come from giving your body the chance to move and your brain the chance to relax! It’s even a scientific fact that exercise stimulates the secretion of happiness hormones! That’s why I count on the experience to “convince” you! I know the facts!Some of you might get bored if I was to analyse the “facts” regarding exercise but I am positive that you would never get bored if you tried one of my classes! Action is more persuasive than words in this case!

Just give it a try, to discover them yourself! The rest of the results – weight loss, well-shaped body, strength, endurance, better cardiovascular function, improvement of general fitness condition, will definitely come with time! You don’t need to worry about your commitment, as you will keep training because you enjoy it anyway. You won’t need to push yourself to come, you’ll feel impatient to come!!!

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